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I was born to a NYC home filled with mid-century furniture, two older brothers, a cat, and a lot of art on the walls and books on the shelves. My father was a creative director at an advertising agency, my mother an editor for decorating magazines. When I wasn’t playing basketball I was mostly drawing and painting, often trying to copy Picasso’s. Looking back I can see that this environment presaged my path into photography. After completing my studies in journalism and art history at Northwestern University, I returned to NYC to work under the auspices of the legendary architectural photographer Ezra Stoller. It was during this time that I began to document the work of the great American modernist architect Richard Meier, a collaboration that spans three decades.

The focus of my subject matter has always been rooted in architecture and the decorative arts, but as my work has evolved I have incorporated people and animals into my images. I have become more interested in the atmosphere of the spaces I shoot, certainly their volume and quality of the available light, but also the touch, sound and smell, the mood. I never supplement the lighting, instead I shoot multiple exposures, and in photoshop I layer these exposures together to render an image that best captures the sensory experiences of being in the environment. My journalistic instinct is to clearly and concisely tell a story. The compositions and narrative themes in my work speak to recurrent threads found throughout art history. The synthesis of all of this is in the images you see here. I thank you for looking at them.